In the beginning

To begin, I haven’t started this until now because, frankly, I’ve been exhausted.

The flight to Zurich was amazing (Swiss Air) and so was the bus ride down to Lugano.

As we were landing, the whole area was covered in fog. The tips of the hills and mountains were the only green we could see. By the time we got outside, however, the fog was cleared.

This is to give you a smidge of an idea of how beautiful the drive was. We went through a tunnel, and all of a sudden, this gorgeous lake appears. Waterfalls were on either side of the road.





Lugano, contrary to popular belief of Switzerland, is HOT. and humid. Not to mention, we walk everywhere.

I live down the hill from the main campus. It takes around 15-20 minutes to walk up. The other part of campus is 5-10 more minutes from there. Thankfully, though, 3 of my classes that I know of so far are on the main campus. :)

So, I have 2 roommates. Jodi and Elizabeth.

Here’s our huge room.

This is our bathroom:



Here’s the gathering room/kitchette. My desk is the one in the center.



And in the back, we have our bedroom. We have a bunk and a single bed, 3 desks, and 3 wardrobes. There’s lots of room to move around.




The room is much cleaner now. These were taken right after everyone’s crap was put away.

Orientation has been great so far-other than the heat. We walk around campus and around the downtown. Since the new students only add up to around 150, it’s really easy to get to know a ton of people. We just had a dorm meeting, and everyone is really cool. I believe there are (out of the new students) 5-6 different nationalities with only 15-20 people. It’s great.

We ate a “Taste of Switzerland” dinner today. The food was amazing! Lots of cheeses and meats and breads.



Now, here are some pictures from around campus and around the downtown area.





(the last one was on campus looking at the mountains)

All I have had to drink (other than on the plane) is water (plain water, mineral water, “gassed” mineral water). With this heat and humidity and all the walking we are doing, we would faint-and a few already have- without lots and lots of water.

It’s strange not being able to speak the language (Italian). We found out today that Rosetta Stone is free, so I’m thinking about beginning my studies there. That is, unless I get Italian class as an elective.

I know how to say “hello” “goodbye” “thank you” “you’re welcome” “excuse me” and a few random words that are very common. Pronunciation is the worst, though. In French, I can at least pronounce the words. I might not know what it means, but I sound like I do. In Italian, I mangle the words and sound extremely ignorant.

To all my stat folks, I can take it again. I’m thinking that if I don’t take it this year, I will forget a lot and it won’t be any good to take it over any other math class. It’s that or Calc.

Well, it’s 23:23 presently, so I’ll stop now.

I hope you all are doing well! If you want to email me personally, my email is


5 Comments Add yours

  1. Mrs. LF says:

    So happy for you. So proud of you. So living vicariously through you. So glad to have this link. So beautiful. So Switzerland! :)

  2. Rhonda Anderson says:

    I am so excited for you – Emma’s Great Adventure!! Absorb all you can of the culture while you make us all proud with your academic success. Are your roommates American? They speak 3 different languages in Switzerland depending on the geographical area. We mainly visited the German speaking regions when we lived in Germany. See your pics takes me back when I see the streets and the windows in your rooms. Keep in touch! Rhonda Anderson

  3. Betsy Smith says:

    Wow Emma. I am so happy for you. What an experience. You will never forget it. Have a good time but not too much fun!

  4. Margarete Smith says:

    We have been thinking of you and praying for you. Glad to hear that school is off to a great start. And thanks for starting this post. What an amazing adventure! Please continue to post as many of us would love to hear about everyday life in Europe and about all of the amazing opportunities that await you over the next few years. And don’t forget to come and visit when you do make it home again.
    Sending you hugs, Mrs. Margarete Smith <

  5. Sergio Burguet says:

    Let’s see. So you go on vacation and pretend that you are going to college. What a racket Emmer!
    Make sure that you do a little studying along the way so your parents will keep sending you $$$. If you run into any problems, just mention my name, Igor Burguet. Everyone knows me there. Take care.

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