Tonight was incredible!

Unfortunately, I didn’t take any pictures, but our AM’s (academic mentors) for our FYS (first year seminar) cooked us dinner tonight. Two of the art-related classes got together and had a wonderful meal in my dorm. We had 6-7 tables set up in the front gathering area. They made baked brie (yes everyone in my sleepover group-baked brie!), caprese (tomatoes, mozzarella, basil), and a pesto pasta. (along with bread, of course, and wine). It lasted around 2 hours, not bad for a group that has only known eachother for a few days. Towards the end, we had coffee and cookies. The people I ate with I met on the bus ride to Lugano (and come to find out, I met one of them at the New York reception). They are all hilarious, and, much like Mercy, there is another Emma. We get along very well and constantly refer to ourselves as either “The Emma’s” or “Emma^2”. Oh, and did I mention? We’re both born in January. Her birthday is the 11th (I believe), we both love to cook, and we’re both blonde.

Not much else happened today. We took our writing placement test, which, to my understanding, actually does nothing to move us placement wise. They just want to see how well we improve  over the years.

I sign up for classes on Saturday. I’ve been looking more closely at the CLCS (Comparative Literary and Cultural Studies) requirements, and it makes me want to go in that direction even more! Everything sounds so interesting. Unfortunately, I can’t take Stat this semester because it is at the exact same time as my French 200 class.

Tomorrow will be super exciting!


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