Today we split up into different excursion groups and headed away from campus. My group went to Bellinzona. We took the train, and it took around 20 minutes. As is normal in Switzerland, the trains arrived exactly on time.

We saw a few castles-though, I heard from someone that they were all one castle, just split up.

the Church

between the two towers
one of the courtyards
Samantha- my check-in buddy
slit in the wall of the 2nd tower
from the top of the tower

Jodi- my roommate

we sat on the ledge to eat part of our lunch; this was our view
we went down into the dungeon

at the other castle, higher up

I think you can see the previous castle across the way.

The wine festival will be here in a few weeks.


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  1. Margarete Smith says:

    Beautiful photos! I love the ones from the top of the tower! And to think–this is the scenery you will be able to enjoy for the next 4 years! Amazing! Enjoy it!!! <

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