I’m Singin’ in the Rain!



Woke up

Went to Breakfast

Went to Academic mentor to schedule classes

Took a bus to IKEA

Went to the store for coffee and cheese

Went to take class picture.

Here’s the fun part.

Just as we were about to leave to head up the hill to North Campus for our “Class of 2016” picture, it starts to POUR. Not a drizzle, a pour. So, we leave early, grab our raincoats and umbrellas and head out the door. The rain is coming straight at us. There is nothing blocking it. We are soaked before we get to the grotto, half way up.

We finally get to the steps, drenched and cold.

This, my friends, is the REAL class of 2016, the group of troupers that came out in the pouring rain to take a picture.

The Badass class of 2016

You should all be very proud of yourselves.

[It stopped raining for the picture]

Everyone headed back to the Grotto for dinner, which was wonderful, by the way. SGA [student gov] made us sandwiches, flavored breads, and pasta.

My roommates and I:

Trouper Roomies

We ate outside.

Hey, we were already soaked. (:


2 Comments Add yours

  1. I saw you on the web cam! What a trouper!

  2. Julian says:

    i would have been like………me ….in the rain……HELL NO!!! XD

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