Schedule Time


VCA 199/Seminar/1 – Desire & consumption: the photographic image [10:00-11:15]

ENG 100 /Lecture/5 – Writing in the Humanities (Advanced) [11:30-12:45]


POL 101/Lecture/1 – Introduction to International Relations [11:30-12:45]

FRE 200/Lecture/1 – Intermediate French, Part I [13:00-14:15]


TVL 343/Lecture/1 – Marche and Umbria: A cultural and lite [13:00-14:15]

not every week- academic travel class

MUS 206/Lecture/1 – From Mozart to Mahler [16:00-18:45]


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  1. Bean,
    We can’t go to the links that you left. It sends us to the student log-in page. I think you’ll need to cut and paste the class description instead of just the link. They do, however, look like great classes. Kinda slacker, tho. ‘sup with that?

    1. eabush says:

      I just copied the names of the classes. I didn’t mean to make them links, sorry.
      That’s the classes I could take. Most had prerequisites, so I couldn’t take them/they were all full.
      I was supposed to be taking another literature class, too, but I couldn’t. Stat doesn’t fit into my schedule this semester, so hopefully I can get it this year. I don’t want to forget everything I learned in Shaw’s class!

      1. So what classes do you have?

  2. eabush says:

    It says what I have.
    FYS (first year seminar), Adv. English, Intro to IR (international relations), French 200, Academic Travel (Marche and Umbria), and a music class: Mozart to Mahler

    1. eabush says:

      turns out, my english placement test pushed me into the English 100 Advanced. It did some good. AP English timed essays really helped. :)

      1. Good job! I’ll let Mr. Williams and Hutch know.

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