Valle Verzasca, Groceries, and a home-made Dinner


Sunday my class went to Valle Verzasca. We hopped on charter buses and drove an hour or so to a gorgeous area. The mountain temperatures were a blessing after the scorching heat and rain we’ve been getting in Lugano.

On the way up the mountain, however, our bus driver hit off the side mirror of a car parked in the street. Yes, the street was narrow, and yes, the car was parked illegally, but when he hit it, he kept going.  We later found out that the car followed us, and everything was worked out.

I’m not sure what the name of the little town was. We stopped and ate by the river and then headed up the pathway to the waterfall.

The houses were the quaintest one could imagine. Most were adorned with Swiss flags, which only added to the beauty. The grass was as green as could be, and the sky was bluer than ever.


The famous bridge
The little wheels go into the side when it drives.

If you look at the rock in the center of the “M” shape, the ledge is around 20 feet above the water, the freezing water.

It is a Franklin tradition to jump off.

see the rock?
we jumped!

^notice the fact that Jodi and I both have orange towels.

That was that day.


We went grocery shopping (super exciting, I know) at the big store downtown. We left with heavy bags and empty pockets.

We made dinner that night:

Crostini with mozzarella and tomatoes
Pasta with a tomato sauce.

If you look on the right, we improvised. Instead of having a flower in a glass, we used Liz’s hair clip that’s shaped like a flower.

Tacky-yes. Boring-no.

Today is Wednesday.

I checked my email this morning, and a note was sent out that the sign-up sheets for the trips were posted. There was limited space for free trips.

Guess who’s going to the Ponte Tresa market, the Bellinzona Wine Festival, the Lugano Pizza Crawl, and the Gandria boat trip?


We went to town and our adventures to find the passport photo booth took around 2 hours.

(Background story: the photos I sent in earlier didn’t meet the requirements of the Swiss gov’t, so I needed new ones to get my residency card which allows me to stay in the country and get back into the country after travel.)

We got a tip that there was a booth in Manor, a department store. It was correct. However, the booth took my money and jammed. I got my money back, thankfully. The lady tried her hardest to tell us where to find another booth. We had a general idea.

We looked, didn’t find, and went back to her. She drew us a picture and told us to go around 100 meters outside the store and we would see it.

We didn’t see it.

So, we wandered the streets, asking people for directions, but, of course, we still didn’t find it.

Giving up, we went to Migros, the grocery shop, to pick up school supplies. AND THERE: a photobooth.

So the day was made by the power of good luck.

Blues to Bop, a popular music festival, begins tomorrow. It lasts throughout the weekend! It should be fun!


3 Comments Add yours

  1. So, did your bus driver take driving lessons from Mr. Launay? Oh, and nice music on your video, but don’t you think it should be an Italian song instead?

    1. eabush says:

      I don’t have any Italian music…I’ll try and pick it up around town or at the market this weekend.

  2. Nastasia says:

    Two words. Simply amazing. I am so envious, Emma. You are surrounded by our teeming world of cultures and you are taking full advantage of it. I’m gonna enjoy experiencing that world vicariously through you. Hopefully i can do the same soon. Keep up the blog (i’m taking A.P. Eng. Lang. & Comp., and I must say that your diction is perfect. I think i’ll use your blog to expand my exposure to the greater world of journalism) and the good work! Luvs ya and have a wonderful day (i don’t know the time exchange there, but it’s evening here so lol).

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