What a Day!

It may not seem like a lot happened today, but boy am I exhausted.

We had classes in the morning (mine, lasting until 14:15).

We had our class picture (the real one-with more than 20 people)

We watched the faculty (including RA’s) vs. student futbol match.

We went to the grotto for dinner with a group of us.

We went to Blues to Bop.

Blues to Bop is a huge music festival that travels around Switzerland. This weekend, it’s here in Lugano. There are, I believe, 4-5 stages around the downtown area, and artists play jazz/blues. It is an hour long, but the festivities in the area make it a full-evening event.

Jodi, Liz, and I left the grotto around 19:00, heading for town. Unfortunately, unbeknownst to us, the music didn’t start until 21:00. We saw a crepe stand, and decided that, as long as we were waiting and the temperatures were chilly, we should have crepes: nutella crepes to be exact. We ate them on a bench overlooking Lake Lugano. The lights of the cities and towns across the lake and on the mountains were gorgeous as they reflected off the water. A ferry floated by, and we noticed that it was a restaurant. In a week or so, we’ll be taking a boat ride to Gondria, a fishing village across the lake. On that ride, I don’t think that we could have a bad view if we tried.

As we began to hear the bands warming up, we left our spot and headed back into the squares. We met up with a few of our friends, and together, we followed the music and the crowds to one of the bigger (if not the biggest) stage of the festival.

There, this band played. They were great! If I’m not mistaken, they’re from Mississippi, so, obviously, we could understand the English they spoke. Their songs ranged from bluesy classics, like “Georgia on my Mind,” to “The Twist,” and to this:

We were definitely some of the youngest in this crowd, which wasn’t bad when we wanted to sway or even dance to the music, because they were jammin’ more than any of us were. “The Twist” really got everyone moving. Couples danced, people were twisting, and everyone at least bobbed to the beat. My face hurt from smiling so much! (: We were laughing and singing and having a wonderful time.

Tomorrow morning, we leave for  the Market Trip to Ponte Tresa, Italy!


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