Ferry Ride to Gandria


We know how to take advantage of free trips.

The day after the wine festival, we hopped on a ferry and went across the lake to the quiet village of Gandria.

We stopped a few times to pick up more passengers, but that didn’t detract from the enjoyment. Our friends Katie and Savannah were in the group as well.

Because people complained about the French music, this video has traditional Swiss. Happy everyone?

We had an hour to explore and get something to eat, so we found a cute restaurant overlooking the lake and had lunch. I had glass of white Merlot, which I’d never heard of, and Jodi and I both got basil ravioli. Katie and Savannah split a plate of spaghetti.

Unfortunately, out of all the waiters, we got the mean one who refused to speak anything other than Italian (he spoke German, French, and English to those around us, just not to  us).

The food was delicious. Unfortunately, I forgot to get a picture my dish. It was gorgeous.

After lunch, we wandered the narrow pathways around Gandria.

We met up with Damian, the organizer, and the five of us walked back–most of the group didn’t stay for lunch.


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  1. I didn’t hear any music……..

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