I know, I know

I realize that I haven’t blogged in a little over a month, and I am extremely sorry. School and life have gotten the best of me, and I’ve barely had time to breathe, much less blog.  Also, my computer died on me. Currently, I’m waiting for a new hard drive, and I’m using my roommate’s. My dad told me to bake her a cake. I have no problem doing that. :)

In order to make this easier for you (and me), I’ll split this into a few posts.

The last time we spoke, I made crepes. Not long after that was the Bellinzona Wine Festival. Because of our skills, we ended up on the list to get a free train ticket. This meant, however, that we had to leave early in the morning and come back late at night. 9-9.

This gave us time to visit the castles (for Jodi and I, this was the second time seeing them) and check out the open market–it was a Saturday–before the actual festival began at 4.

We walked up to the first castle and hung out for a while. Because we didn’t have time before to explore the dungeon, we walked all the way to the end and back. Jodi and I showed Liz the little cut outs to sit in.

We, by that time, were getting hungry, so we walked down the hill and got kebabs, sitting in a park by a fountain–which was nice because the mist cooled us down. Despite the forecast, it was warmer than expected.

After the re-boost of energy, we made our way up to the other castle. It might have been the weather, the food, or the fact that we knew where we were going, but the walk was easier the second time. During the excursion a few weeks prior, the climb seemed like a real trek.

We began to hear music and decided to get back to the festivities.

What’s not to love about a wine festival? Well, that is, if you like wine.

The vendors and the Switalians were all friendly, and I even got to practice my French–a big deal considering next to no one in the region speaks French.


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