Last Night in My Favorite Place in the World

Sunday morning, I woke up early and went with Kevin to mass at the monastery. Thankfully, I’ve been going to mass in Italian, so responding and participating was much easier. The sisters were kind. It was in a little chapel in the back of the church. The whole mass was very peaceful. Sitting and waiting for the gate to open to the chapel, I was able to admire the beauty of the architecture and art: the frescoes and sculptures. The chapel, much unlike the rest of the church, was simple. We sat on the wooden chairs behind the altar, while the nuns sat facing it. We were divided by ropes and a small wooden division. We could see them, and they could see us.

A few hours later, we toured Todi, ate lunch.

(When I got back, I tried to re-create it:)

We headed out and stopped for a visit at the smallest theatre in the world.

Then, went to a chocolate factory: Perugina, famous for Baci.

For dinner the night before, we stumbled upon “Ristorante Jacopone da Peppino,” a family-owned, gothic-style, cozy place.  When we got there, the door was locked, but upon seeing us, they opened the door and welcomed us in. The food was wonderful. A few people ordered pasta with truffles, but personally, I wasn’t too hungry. I just ordered dessert: biscotti with dessert wine, which hit the spot for a light and not too sweet bite.  We went back for our last night. Everyone ordered something different, and, once again, we were the first ones there. “Some Nights” by Fun. came on the radio, and the waiter—I don’t know if he is also the owner—saw us singing along to the music, and went and turned it up nice and loud for us. He smiled and hummed along, too.

Not wanting the night to end, we made our way to the café in the square. We shared a couple bottles of local beer and talked for hours. Eventually, it was getting late, so Makoto left us. Tyler, Katie, and I stayed and, hearing music, wandered up to see a ballroom dancing competition. We didn’t want to intrude, so we watched from the window and danced on our own—the Argentinian Tango and the Waltz. A man walked out, saw us dancing, and invited us in to watch.

The three of us wandered from there and made our way to the steps of the cathedral once more. Lying down, we could see the stars. At one point, I think we fell asleep. It didn’t matter. We were there, together, happy.


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  1. Great pics, Emma. I especially love the park bench over-looking the foggy town. What are the art deco rooms? dorms?

    1. eabush says:

      It’s The Painted House. The painter, Brian O’Doherty, (used to be called Patrick Ireland), owns the home. He paints it every time he comes and stays there.

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