The City of Glass

Breakfast in Ravenna was more than I could ask for. For the first time in a really long time, I had a plum and yogurt with granola. Along with it, there was cheese and meat and grapefruit juice. It also helps that my cappuccino was perfect. Coming back to Switzerland, that is the main thing that I’m surprised I miss: coffee. Italian coffee.  So, needless to say, I was happy and ready for the day to begin.

The tour of Ravenna was quite interesting. I learned that the mosaics were like none other. The glass pieces were placed directly onto the walls and ceilings, rather than having them on a gauze or sheet. Look at all the gold pieces. In between the clear glass, there is a piece of real gold.




This bread.

We were sitting and smelling maple syrup. We didn’t know why. Once the bread came, we smelled it. It was like freshly-made pancakes.

The most important thing to me about this trip is the people. Without these people, I don’t think this experience would have been the same. I got to know people that I haven’t really talked to , people that I’ve begun to know before the trip, and people that I knew but didn’t really know. I’ve become really good friends with a small group, and that makes me really happy. This trip will always bring us together; it has brought us together. We’ve been fun; we’ve been personal; we’ve been everything in between. We’ve eaten together; we’ve talked together; we’ve lain on the steps of a church together. At the end of the day, it was about us, our experiences, our lives, our togetherness. This trip has been a lot more about food and friends than anything else. I learned a lot about literature and history and art, but I also learned a lot about food, wine, conversation, friendship, people. It’s a cultural thing. We’ve gone to restaurants; we’ve gone and sat in a café; we’ve found hole-in-the-wall places that turned into our favorites. This trip has become a part of me that I hope never leaves. I hope this peacefulness stays with me forever.


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