A Surprising Evening



I was lying on the floor doing homework when I heard a knock at the window. Thinking that it was Jodi and Liz coming back from the play and, forgetting their keys, needing me to let them into the building. I got up, opened the curtain, and surprise! Makoto and Julia were there!

Following me in the room, in traditional style, the first thing Makoto said was: “Do you have anything to eat?”

I made banana pancakes. :)

Being classy like we are, Julia and I had wine–the free bottle of wine from travel, nonetheless.

Makoto thought that it would be funny to mess with Jodi’s things…so he put on her glasses.

Watch out everyone! There’s a criminal on the loose!

As my camera was passed around, it captured the essence of the evening: fun and unfocused.

Later, after walking down to the pizza vending machine (which was out of order) and going to the Ok Bar by our dorm, we settled back into our room to watch Flashdance.


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