Appreciate the World

For my travel class, we were asked to write a manifesto inspired by Paris.
This is mine.
We will explore. We will not simply see that which we ‘must’ see; we will see that which has yet to be seen, yet to be found, yet to be appreciated. We wander in search for something unknown—for happiness, for recollections of the past, for who we are, for what we like, for people, for friends, for good, and for bad. We look; we search; we are explorers of the world. When we find, we write. We write the good, the bad, the happy, the sad, the easy, the difficult, the right, the wrong. We write quickly; we write slowly; we say what we need to say eloquently, simplistically. Simply, we write. We are the explorers of a known world. We must document things that are missed, things that are hidden in plain sight. Street performers, those whose great talents, practice and efforts are pushed away by the ever-demanding schedules of the busy metropolis.
As the saying goes, we must stop and smell the roses even if those roses are hidden behind garbage.
This appreciation will not rule our lives. It will be a large part of it. Our eyes will not be solely fixed on the beauty of the world, but rather, they will be opened. Never again will we walk or drive or go about our daily lives without noticing our surroundings, finding something we had not seen before, something beautiful. It may be as simple as a pebble on the ground or even the sound of the wind. All that matters is that we notice something. Be not a stranger to the world. Let it warm you with its sun, cool you with its wind, please you with its smells, awe you with its sights. Let it be a part of you as much as you are a part of it. Let it live in you. Let it be your breath of life. Let the people of the earth shock you with their magnificence, their talents, their personalities. Take all this and more, and write. Shout it to the mountaintops. Let everyone know what you found so they may experience it. Allow the rest of humanity to see what we see. Allow everyone to hear and believe. Then, let them see and believe; let them experience and believe.

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  1. Gregory Bush says:

    Nicely written Emma

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