Rain at the Giant’s Causeway


Time to say goodbye to one of my favorite cities and hop on the bus to Derry via the Giant’s Causeway. Weather mirroring our feelings of leaving, it began to rain.

We arrived at the Giant’s Causeway, threw on the rain boots and rain coats and, listening to stories told by an Irishman on our audio guides, we walked down the path. The further we walked, the better the view got. When we thought it couldn’t get better, it did. The water stretching to the horizon, the colors of the landscape, and the feeling of wind and rain added to the feeling that we were truly in Ireland. The myth is that a giant from the shores of Ireland began arguing with a giant from Scotland. In the process, the Scotsman, a much larger giant, began chasing the Irishman, creating a path from coast to coast. The Irish giant saw the larger one and ran home to his wife to hide. Wearing his baby’s bonnet, he hid in the crib. Upon entering the house, the giant from Scotland saw the man in the crib and looked at the family portrait. If that was the child, he thought, how big was the father? He ran back to Scotland, destroying the path he created. What stands today is the remains of the path, jutting out into the sea. There is a similar landscape in Scotland.

We watched a cute video of this story before we left for travel. As we exited, that same animation was being shown on a big screen in the gift shop.






Even on a gray-skied day, the colors are vibrant. The greens and blues, the textures of the slippery and dry rocks, of the soft, squishy grasses, of the steep and colorful hills. The rain, however, didn’t dampen our spirits; it just made the rocks a bit slippery.  



We warmed up with a bowl of seafood chowder in the cafe before loading back onto the bus and heading to Derry (or Londonderry).


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