Trim Time


Sunday was a free day. I went to mass, and then took a day off, reading, blogging, and relaxing.

Monday we trudged through the rain to the bus station and took a day trip to Trim to see the castle.  It was the place where scenes of Braveheart were filmed. It was raining, switching between a light mist and short-lived downpours. We walked around the grounds before our tour of the castle began. Entering the only door, our group entered the castle. In the Great Hall, we saw dioramas of the expansion of the castle for both military and social reasons. The Hall, as we found out, had been moved up a floor. Walking up the steep and slippery steps, we understood why the idea was a terrible one. We were allowed up onto the roof, and, boy, was that a view. You could see for miles, even through the weather.





045136_editBefore boarding the bus back to Dublin, we took a walk behind the castle. The River Boyne–which was once larger and used for transporting goods–was rushing and the flowers were blooming. By the bus stop, the spiderwebs on the fence were shining from the droplets of rain.






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