Irish lesson again: How do you say “cheers” in Ireland?

“Sláinte” [slahn-chə]: meaning “health”

So the next time you sit down for a Guinness, raise your glass, look into the eyes of your drinking pal, and exclaim, “Sláinte!”

It was our last full day in Dublin as a group. A few of us went on a walk with our professor, exploring the docks and understanding their importance in the ports in past daily life. The Docklands are spread out over a few blocks of the city with a river running through the center.

207???????????????????????????????When it’s a chilly morning in Ireland, what better to do than go into a cafe and have coffee and a scone: a cappuccino and a fruit scone with jam and butter. Anyone who knows my baking knows that I love baking scones. After picking up a Country Irish Cooking cookbook in Belfast, I’m tempted to try a new recipe.  In any case, it was an absolutely lovely stop.

Coffee and Scone

It was closing in on the afternoon, so obviously rain was an expectation. We took the tram to the other side of the city to meet the rest of our group to make a brief stop at a museum before going onto the main event: The Guinness Storehouse. Grabbing lunch and having a look around the gallery, we glanced out the window.

A Rainbow

What a view to see on your last day, eh? The view got better. While the rainbow’s color faded quickly, as we began walking, we saw colors that would take a while to fade: red and golden trees, green fields, blue skies, signs with animals. One of these things is not like the other…


We reached the Guinness Storehouse, and began our tour, going up the levels to learn everything from the core ingredients of the beer to pouring the perfect glass. I now have a certificate stating that I can pour a perfect pint of Guinness.







Alas, it was time for our last night together. We walked to the restaurant and ate a delicious meal. First course, a salad with beets, goat’s cheese, bacon, and figs. Second course, hake with a tomato sauce. Dessert, apple walnut cake. It was scrumptious. Wine and coffee accompanied the meal, and it was a wonderful send-off. In the morning, we would part ways at the airport and be on our way to Kilkenny.

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