A Lazy Day in Kilkenny


Both of us were still exhausted. Waking up at 8, we surfed the internet before dragging ourselves out of bed to make muffins. It was nice to cook with gas stove again, though it was a learning experience to use a gas oven. I’m very accustomed to gas stoves, but gas ovens are new to me and to Emma. We were lazy and cheap and bought boxed muffin mix the day before, but decided to substitute the chocolate chips with fresh berries: blueberries and blackberries. Turning them half way through, they turned out perfectly. As we ate muffins and drank orange juice and tea, we finished watching Boondock Saints. On the side, we had dried currents with the left-over chocolate chips mixed in.

After cleaning up, we curled up on the big couch in the common room. We both attempted to be productive, blogging, catching up with homework, but one hour led to the next, and well…very little was done. At the grocery store, we found that cheddar cheese was very inexpensive. One of the foods I miss when I’m at school is cheddar cheese. Surprisingly, it’s difficult to come by in Switzerland, and when you find it, it’s relatively expensive.  We got a bit too excited upon spotting an entire section dedicated to cheddar. Simple pleasures, I suppose.

We wasted a few hours before we got up and got the fixings to make broccoli cheddar soup and baked mac n’ cheese. The pasta would be for the next day, but we didn’t want to make three trips in three days. Anyhow, we made it back and started cooking. Chopping veggies, sauteing garlic and onions, boiling water, we began making the soup. Slowly but surely, it thickened up into a warm and delicious bowl of happiness. Paired with a thick slice of tiger bread and a nice drop of pepper sauce, we sat down to watch Julie and Julia. Two movies in one day? Yes. Both were relative to where we are and what we’re doing. One has an Irish accent; the other is about cooking. What more could we need?

1425710_10151788806394849_1672683520_n 1458614_10151788806304849_1356343911_n 1379865_10151788806494849_12399148_n 1455049_10151788806659849_1854091335_n

The movie was close to half-way finished when one of the guys from the hostel told us that the fire was lit, and we’d be much warmer in the common room than in the drafty kitchen. We perked up at that, and cleaned up the kitchen quickly to warm up by the fireplace and finish the movie. Afterward, the smell of the burning coals, the warmth of the fire, the steaming tea, and the playlist of classic Irish folk music made for a lovely evening for the two of us.

We looked up at the paintings on the walls and thought they looked familiar. We guessed the artist correctly: Jack B. Yeats. Then we remembered that we’d seen them days earlier in the National Gallery of Ireland! I have to say, he might be my new favorite painter.

yeats 2
“The Singing Horseman”
"Men of Destiny"
“Men of Destiny”

*Thanks to Emma for the pictures of the food. 


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