Scofflaw Brewing Co: An Interview with Matt Shirah

Meet the new kid on the block, a brewery that looks to create something new for all the beer fanatics of Atlanta. Located in northwest Atlanta’s Bolton neighborhood, Scofflaw Brewery Co. has finally opened their doors, after having been in the planning stages for the past 4 years. I interviewed the owner, Matt Shirah who, with the help of his buddy, Travis Herman, began the journey into beer after the birth of his children pushed him to find a profession that was closer to home.

On the search to find a career path that didn’t involve flying around, he looked into what was the fastest growing industry. That’s when he discovered beer. “5 years ago, I was drinking Miller Lite,” but that quickly shifted; now he’s obsessed. Matt took it as a challenge to make the best beer. With the East Coast as a land of opportunity for craft beer, he wanted to constantly improve, not necessarily to make the company bigger but to become the best at it. He stressed his dedication to research and development of the brewing process, “The fun part is the R&D, and trying to do something new.” His enthusiasm is infectious, sharing it with everyone who is able to taste and enjoy Scofflaw’s brews.

The Brewery

The brewery officially opened 6 months ago after starting as an idea years ago. “We started with a brewery we could grow into,” but now, after 4 months, they have reached capacity and are having to expand. “We haven’t had time to breathe.” He stressed the immense support the Bolton community gave to the brewery, expressing their gratitude and thanks. It’s what they’re the most proud of. Wild people built Scofflaw–unruly characters who now have families. “We’re the crossroads of raising hell and being a family guy,” remarked Matt.

Scofflaw_Heidi Geldhauser

The Beers

Currently, they have 12 active brands. Another 5 beers are in the pipeline that they’re working on. He stressed that, “nothing gets stale.” If they come up with something new, it replaces something else. The brewery is making something new almost all the time. Matt’s personal favourite is the Double Jeopardy. It’s a galaxy-based double IPA, 10%. The hops contribute to its enjoyable flavor and finish. “It’s a big beer with a lot of alcohol without the alcohol taste. It’s smooth and drinkable.” Fans of the brewery seem to enjoy the Basement and Hooligan IPAs. Most of Scofflaw’s IPAs have a fruity flavor due to the hops. It changes the character of the beer, and according to Matt, it makes them fun to drink.

Scofflaw is searching for balance. They’re a family friendly brewery with an edge, approachable on the surface but innovative and creative at their core. If you’re in the neighborhood, swing by to sample their beers and hang with the crew. With new beers  constantly being created, you’ll never be bored.


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